Half Lonely

by Seth Boyer

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Clodimus thumbnail
Clodimus Love this <3
Your lyrics and melodies are just so addicting to listen to.
Thank you! Favorite track: News From The Real World.
Dork thumbnail
Dork This album's a shoulder to cry on when things just don't seem right. Thanks, Seth. Favorite track: Maybe You're Right.
Ryan thumbnail
Ryan I'm pretty sure this record was a lot of work, and it really shows. As soon as I pressed play, the production on the first track just completely floored me. Seth makes his already melancholic vocals even more haunting with stereo echo and reverb, and the addition of drum machine style percussion, swelling strings and other synth tones as well as his guitar really adds to the emotional impact this whole album makes. Could not recommend this enough. His best work in a flawless discography. Favorite track: It's Hard To Escape Yourself.
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this is a record.

i hope you enjoy it.


released April 25, 2014

words and music by Seth Boyer
instruments and voices by Seth Boyer
mixing and mastering by Seth Boyer
that Seth Boyer guy sure a lot of work
he deserves a beer

album art by the exceptional Tawnie Wetzsteon (tawniewetz.com)

special thanks to: my family, Marian Call, Ben Soileau & Molly Lewis, and Gerygone & Twig.

this record is dedicated to Bev and Frank Neeley who epitomize the good that can exist in people.




Seth Boyer Seattle, Washington


my name is seth. i write songs and then play those songs on instruments and computer instruments.

i am from alaska. i live in seattle now.

i travel a lot and play music in bars and concert halls and your basement and your living room and for your dog.

my music has been featured in Welcome to Night Vale, which is a podcast i really like. also on Tiny Cartridge, which is a blog i really like
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Track Name: It's Hard To Escape Yourself
it's late December and my car won't start
in a crowded parking lot at the Southside mall
I would call but I don't have the heart
or the stomach for something so awfully forward

I had hoped the Nissan would take me away
would drive me away
from demons and debtors
demons and debtors
demons and debtors

dont let the darkness eat you up
leave this town before the dead dreams swallow you
drink champagne from a solo cup
and let the new year bring something, anything else

bus up to midtown and find a spot
at a right-wing coffee shop where there’s no one i know
but the tired staff and the parents of childhood friends
i should really get around to calling

dont let the darkness eat you up
leave this town before the dead dreams swallow you
drink champagne from a solo cup
and let the new year bring something, anything else
Track Name: Maybe You're Right
always there at the wrong time
and steppin on toes
got your habits, i got mine
and everyone knows

what we mean when we’re talkin about
our aversion to everyone else
and she said it’s not fair to
all the friends you
left behind
(and maybe you’re right)

you were biting but quite kind
and your frame a little slight
you got a darkness i don’t mind
but i never warmed to light

and i’d make a fool of myself
at all your roommates’ parties
but each time i would pass out
you’d tuck me in
on your couch
(so maybe your great)

i said nothin is the point
it’s the thing that matters most to me

(but maybe you’re right)

always there at the wrong time

got your habits i got mine

(but maybe you’re right)
(maybe you’re right)
Track Name: Lucky Strikes
you light up my fire escape each night
to catch a breeze, and smoke fills the living room
i wont begrudge that little vice
not when youve been where you have been
and youve seen the things youve seen
seen those things

so i'll let the lucky strikes slide
but you gotta admit this droppin by
and throwin shade aint your best look
ive nothin left to offer you
just empty hearts and dusty shelves
nothin to fix the way things were
and the way they'll always be
the way they'll always be
Track Name: News From The Real World
the sunbaked hills of central california torture our a/c
50 miles south of Redding when you turned and said to me
take off! take off ur flannel jacket! it's 99 degrees

you let ur feet hang out the window as we barrel down the 5
i played beach boys records, you played NPR
til we both got too depressed with news from the real world

check into a seedy coast motel when we hit the 101
you said "i told you flyin's faster with your folks up in Oregon"
i know! it's not about the speed
cuz right here in this car i got everything i need
Track Name: West Side Ghost Hunters
carried you up ol' Dravus street
cuz ur dancin shoes, they werent made for walkin
you said to me "it's a tragedy to spend these nights with nothin more than talkin"

come with me and i'll lay you down
down in sheets of satin
just hold on and i'll lay you down
safe and warm, far from ol manhattan

you never thought someone would come along
to take your mind of eastern convolutions
but girl im here with all my faults
to tend to your so tender constitution

stay with me in this old apartment
come down from all that molly
come inside where the fire's bright
and i'll do my best to kill that melancholy

you never asked why i came out west
musta known i'd never give an honest answer
to tell the truth i just came apart
in a cavalcade of trivial disasters

let's hunt down the very last of those
ghosts you've been outrunnin
don't you close those tired eyes
the city lights at night are so becomin
Track Name: Everything Is Beautiful
if you never take your hands outta my back pockets
I could die a happy man
its a colder March than you are used
but youre doin the best you can
how do you make that cable knit sweater
look like a blood red cocktail dress?
and the lipstick you leave on my coffee cups
is downright picturesque

everything is beautiful when your visions bad as mine
so I keep my distance, don't let my hopes get up
most of the time

so won't you put on that Laura Marling record
that makes you feel so damn strong
got this bad habits is treating lovers like strangers on a plane
but $9 shooters and that kind of distance is getting harder to sustain

Track Name: Nothing's Changed
Nothing's changed/I'm still the same
The same ol' miserable me
so if you're lookin for my opposite
you best be looking away
I'm sure he seems the kind of guy
to dote on every little thing
and i can't make you understand
that you need more than wedding rings
to make you whole, to satisfy
to keep you from gettin bored
so before you take that leap of faith
leave no road unexplored
Track Name: A New Leaf
let’s shake down all the trees
and find something good to eat
take a walk down by the beach
feel the sand beneath our feet
pick up all the shells we can carry

we retire to the square
cuz all our neighbors are there
i’d play the whole town your song
and they all would whistle along
to such a simple melody

soon we’ll pay the house off
why would we ever wanna leave?

to think i came here on a train
and met you in the pouring rain
since i came here all alone
you made me feel at home

someday i’ll be the mayor
and you will be my queen
Track Name: Half Lonely
let me tell you a story
how i kill the things i love
break them in with heat and pressure
like a brand new baseball glove
if hurtin’s multiple choice
circle all of the above

But I’m still half lonely
and i can’t take it anymore
got a vacancy in this queen sized bed
and too many empty drawers
do you still half miss me?
can’t imagine what for

i still think of that august
and its horrible rain
still remember the days we spent inside
and the nights just the same
i recall the details
but can’t remember your name


and with every new lover
there’s this terrible ache
like the heart doesn’t know what it wants
but it knows this is fake
and my head cant argue
for love for love’s sake


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